How to Change your Registered Agent or Registered Office

To change your registered agent — the individual you elect to receive service of process on behalf of the LLC — or registered office if your registered agent moves, you must submit a form to the Secretary of State in the state in which your LLC was formed. You typically cannot make this type of change on your annual report and should submit the form immediately when the change occurs. If the state has the name of an incorrect registered agent or the wrong address, important communication may not make it to you.

The form required is usually called a Statement of Change of Registered Agent. The same form can probably be used to change the registered agent’s address if that is the only modification you need; states routinely combine these forms into a single form. Contact the Secretary of State to receive a Statement of Change of Registered Agent. Some states may permit you to submit the change online.

The fee varies from state to state, but will probably be between $25 and $50 dollars. Your new agent must sign the registered agent change form.